Friday, January 9, 2015

Happy New Year January 5, 2015

Hey Family,

Just as a disclaimer, this email might be shorter than some of my other ones. We had a district activity at Bagasbas beach this morning. It was pretty fun, and as you have perhaps seen  already in the pictures, we buried Elder Romanovitch. 

New Years was basically a repeat of Christmas. Everyone wanted to feed us. Between the 31st and the 1st, I think we got fed like 5 times. Tuesday was the only day last week that we didn't go to Daet... We actually had a funeral this week as well for a member who passed away last week. He was really nice. He was around 74 years old. I had the opportunity to give a short message at the funeral about resurrection. It is always sad when someone departs from this world, but it is very comforting to know that Heavenly Father has a better place prepared for us after we die. He was endowed, and so it was kind of refreshing to see him in his burial clothes. It reminds me that there really is a greater purpose to our life. 

Other than that, we had exchanges with the two elders in Daet on Wednesday. Elder Llanera was my companion (he's my batch), which was super cool. He is a really funny guy and we got to go to a new part of Basud called Taba Taba. (It means Fat Fat...). It is a really far away place that has a beach, which is pretty nice. We were able to contact the members that live out there, and they were super receptive. It is really tough for them that the meeting place in Basud is so far away, but I think that they will be able to come over the next few weeks. One of them has a husband who isn't a member, but is leaving to go work in Saudi Arabia... Too bad. 

Church attendance was also really good, even though there was no church in Basud. (We're not really sure why, but I trust Bishop a lot.) We had about 23 people from Basud at church. Our investigator even came this week with a few of her cousins. (Her grandmother was sick and so she stayed home). We also had a less-active family that we just met last week come to church as well. They are actually a 55+ year old couple. The husband just retired from the army, and they just moved to basud from Daraga, Albay in the Legazpi mission. (They hadn't actually been to church there though.) They were baptized in the Talisay ward (Talisay, Cam Norte). We actually just ran into nanay last week after going to contact someone and finding that no one was home. She actually started to talk to us as we walked by and told us how they had been baptized. Nanay then proceeded to invite us to her house. They were really nice and everything, but I was a little surprised when they came to church. Maybe I should have more faith.

As just a side note, I heard that there is a giant package in the office with my name on it. I should probably be able to get it on friday. I think Elder Snyder who is the current finance secretary told me about it and may have peeked inside. 

That is about all of the excitement that happened this week. I think this next week will be my last week with Elder Bolambao though. I am pretty sad about it. I think I'm really going to miss him. I really just hope my next companion is as humble and kind as Elder Bolambao. We will find out for 100% sure if he is transferring next Monday, but It would be really abnormal for him to stay longer. We'll see what happens. 

Love you tons!
Elder Merrill

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