Monday, May 18, 2015

Crazy Week May 18, 2015

This week was really crazy... 

I guess I will start with what we know about transfers. Elder Tiongco will be leaving Pili and I am going to be training a brand new missionary. Pretty exciting, right? I also know that my new comp will be filipino because there are no foreigners coming into the mission this transfer. I think it will be a pretty cool experience to train. It also means that Pili will almost definitely be my last area. Training is generally a three month assignment, so I will probably be with my next companion for the rest of my mission. Hope he's nice :)

This week started out pretty normal... It all started when we got a text from President Reeder. He made plans to work with us on thursday. We were both pretty excited for the opportunity to have President work with us... until the sisters called on Wednesday afternoon. The sisters told me about some crazy disobedience that they heard that some elders did.... super nuts... They asked if I would talk to president about it when he came to work with us. It's just hard to tell on people or something like that.  I was able to tell President and we ended up calling the elders and asking about what they had done (I had  the joy of translating the whole thing). It is just really sad to have to be a part of discipline and correction in the mission. I wish everyone would just follow the rules...

We also had a couple of service projects this week which was alright. At one of them, we cleared out this huge field of old cassava and sweet potato plants for the patriarch who lives in our area. It was really tiring, but really rewarding and they fed us an awesome lunch. The lunch was set up like that thing we saw at the jeepney bistro before. At  our service project, there was a pile of fish, a pile of rice and a pot with vegetables (string beans and squash cooked in coconut milk), and everyone just eats with their hands. It was delicious. The other service project involved planting coconut tree saplings. 

If you can believe it, in addition to all of that other stuff, we had a baptism too. It was just another one of the crazy experiences we had this week. Our investigator (one of the children in the family that we baptized a few weeks ago) showed up over an hour and a half late... I think they just had trouble with transportation or something like that. It was a nice service and I will try to get the pictures up next week. 

That is really just about all of the exciting stuff that happened this week. Transfers should be interesting. I will probably pick up my new companion on wednesday. The other elders here in pili got pulled out and their area closed because so many missionaries are going home this transfer and so few are coming in. Our district will probably get a lot bigger this transfer and we might start having district meetings in naga.

I love you all tons! 
Have an awesome week.

Elder Merrill

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