Sunday, June 7, 2015

Another Great Week May 29, 2015

This week was good. We had been having some problems with just having to run all over the place all the time to get to different teaching appointments and we just couldn't find time to knock on doors and talk to people on the street. This week we were very blessed to have a lot of time on Friday to just walk around and talk to people all over the place. It was great and we got to meet a few cool new people. We are still working on contacting most of them. There was one though that was really neat.

He is really nice and was really willing to work with us on scheduling an appointment with us. We were able to teach him last night. He is about 30 years old, has three children, works as a security guard and has psoriasis. He has a really strong belief in God and prays a lot for help coping with his psoriasis. I think his psoriasis has been a blessing for him in some ways. I feel like he is really prepared for our message. The lesson started in a pretty funny way though. He brought us out some coffee to drink... We had to just put it down next to us. I could tell my comp was kinda nervous about it. He was pretty nice about us not drinking it though. We just shared a little bit of an overview of The Restoration. He was a little worried when we mentioned baptism and explained to us that he and his children were already baptized. He asked if he would have to be baptized again. He said that would be fine, but he wants to hear what we have to say before we makes any decisions about baptism. I am super excited to see where things go.

We are still teaching the other children in the family that we baptized when I first got here. Things have been kind of slow and they haven't been to church in a while... But nanay has been in manila for a while too, so hopefully they will come back to church when nanay comes home this week. They said that nanay is going to church there in manila though, which is good.

To answer mom's question about restaurants, there are a few in centro which are kinda more expensive like jollibee, graceland, and bigg's diner. We don't usually eat at places like that more than once a week. There are actually tons of little eateries around here though and the prices are a lot better. There are actually a bunch of new ones open around our house because school just started today. Usually you can get a vegetable dish for about 10 - 15 pesos and/or one with meat for about 25 - 35 pesos. Usually that is what we do for lunch and then we just cook our own rice at home. Good stuff. We haven't really cooked anything too exciting recently... Just squash, upo(I don't know the english of this one) and other veggies like string beans.

I can definitely testify to the importance of finding in the mission. I am not happy when I am not finding. It has caused me a lot of stress recently. I am a lot happier now :) Thank goodness for hard work.

I love you tons!
Don't have too much fun this summer without me!

Elder Benj Merrill

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