Monday, September 23, 2013

More from the MTC

Kumusta kayo?

How is everyone? On the 24th, we are going to move to the West that should be interesting.  I do not yet have my west campus address... I think I might get it on Monday.  I will let you know as soon as I can.  I think you can probably keep sending stuff to the same address. 

I hope things are going ok back home.  

We heard some crazy stories from Brother Lopez about the Philippines, and one thing from Brother Mace. Brother Mace still has clothes that he had made for him in the Philippines, and you can get custom made clothes really cheap there, but I bet Dad already knew that.  Here is one of Brother Lopez's stories about a spider.  There are gigantic spiders (like the size of my fist or maybe slightly smaller) pretty much all over. They mostly just eat mosquitoes and leave humans alone. Brother Lopez calls them house spiders.  Long story short, he and his native companion are eating at a concrete table and this huge spider goes up on the table and gives birth to like a million spider babies who crawl all over the food and stuff. The companion isn't even phased, and continues to eat the food, while Brother Lopez jumps back and lets out a short scream... Sounds nuts, right?  Also,  I just remembered, if you want to see what Brother Mace looks like, search Charlie Mace on  I am pretty sure he is the only one who pops up.  His introduction says something about making films, owning a small business, and long boarding, if I remember correctly.

I think I will be able to eat most of the stuff that I will be served in the Philippines.  We were talking to Brother Lopez, and he said that the only thing that he does't like is dinuguan (blood pudding with innards).  I think I might have trouble with that... Brother Lopez says it is really sour.

So I met another Elder Merrill. He is going to somewhere in South America, I think. We haven't had the opportunity to see an apostle yet, mostly just people from the seventy. I just finished Elder Ballard's book, Our Search for Happiness. I thought it was really good.  The chocolate covered cinnamon bears were awesome, too.  They were actually the entire contents of the welcome package that Mark had for me. 

There is  an elder from Bozeman, Montana, in my zone (He is just two computers down from me right now.) He is super cool just like almost all of the elders in my zone.

 So much great stuff here :) Here are a couple of pictures.  There is one with about half of the group that I play four square with during gym, and the other is of Luke and me.  

I am super excited, two (and maybe a half) weeks to Naga!!

Makal ko kayo!

Elder Benjamin Merrill

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