Tuesday, April 22, 2014

4/21/2014--Easter French Toast Fiasco and More

I will start by explaining what I mean what happened with our Easter dinner. Elder Sonderegger and I like to make french toast, so we decided to make that our easter dinner. The french toast turned out fine, but I can't say the same for the syrup... We totally boiled it way too long. I think it was up there at soft crack, if you know what I mean. That was a real sad thing. The pics are actually from the previous times we had french toast and not from Easter, if you are wondering though. Elder Sonderegger has the Easter pics. I think he is going to have to get us a new pot... (he is the supply manager for the mission). Sounds like Easter was pretty enjoyable at home too. It really just felt like a regular Sunday for me here. We did, however, have 3 investigators come to church this week. We picked one of them up and brought her with us. We were hoping that her less-active mother would join us too, but she didn't want to this week. Hopefully she will come soon. Our second investigator is about 10 years old and his father is a recent convert. The third is his cousin. We were really surprised to see her at church (or at least I was.) I didn't think that she was very interested, but you just never know. She is about 14 years old. It is neat to join others on their first time at church. I am getting to like the ward more and more too.

I really think I ought to get back into reading the Book of Mormon like I did when I read through it super quick. I really learned a lot. Dad's comments about Mormon made me think about it a lot. I actually just finished the church history book, "Our Heritage" this week. It was pretty good too.

We had some good success with a referral this week.  We were referred to a 20ish year old sister who had just lost her mother recently and her family. She has been really receptive as we have been teaching her about the plan of salvation. It is really neat to see things like that work out so well. 

In other news, this week was holy week here in the Philippines, which just means that people close their stores on Thursday and Friday and maybe Saturday, and that there are little to no jeeps on Friday. I didn't see any of the people crucifying themselves or anything like that, though. It has been really hot this week. Maybe that just contributed to the normalness of the week. 

I was just thinking about the adobo recipe I gave you a while ago. I don't think it is the best. The Zone Leaders made us adobo the other week, and it was way better. I think I would try adding some sugar to the recipe I gave you if you want to try it again, or you could probably find a better recipe online. 

I think that is going to be about it for me this week. I know the Gospel is true, and I am so thankful that I have it in my life, I really don't know where I would be without it. 

I love you guys tons!
Elder Benjamin Merrill

                                              Mt. Isarog

                                                                 Easter French Toast

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