Saturday, November 8, 2014

Basud Week 2, November 2, 2014


This week was another good week in Basud. The sacrament meeting situation here is definitely different from anything else I've ever experienced. This week, we had a church attendance of 21 Including Elder Bolambao and me, but not including Bishop (from Daet 2nd Ward), who comes to preside at the Basud sacrament service. We had one recent convert family, one active family and then like 2 other half active families come to church. It was a nice meeting, but Bishop, the ward mission leader, and me and my comp were the only people who bore testimony. I am interested to see how things go when we have assigned talks. 

The finding is going pretty well. We actually just recently had a fiesta here in Basud and I just attract all of the drunk guys who know a little bit of English. Fortunately we were able to use this fact to find some new investigators. We found one guy (nicknamed power ranger) and his family this way.We had a really hard time finding his house using his real name. We had to go back to the place where we found him and ask for him again. We ended up going around asking people if they knew power ranger. It was super funny. 

We were able to find another interesting investigator through a less-active member here as well. He is recovering from a motorcycle accident or something of that sort and is in a wheel chair. His wife also passed away. He is a super nice guy who is really catholic, but he is also super willing to hear what we have to say and open to listen to new ideas. 

I really believe that the Lord is placing people to teach in our path. 

I love you guys tons!

Here are a few pictures from Goa.

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