Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014


Things are going pretty well here in Basud. We had one of our less- active members, get really excited about missionary work. He realized that he could be using his time to work with the missionaries. He has given us three referrals now and wants to work with us all the time. We are really excited to have him helping with the work in Basud, but he still hasn't come to church since I've been here. That part is kind of tricky. We were really sure that he was going to come this week, but he just didn't show up. I think that he will become more active as we get our meeting place changed to somewhere closer to centro.

We are currently in the process of finding a place for the Basud saints to meet that is closer to the centro of Basud. We have found one place that looks pretty good. (also in a Barangay Hall. ) We still need to make a trip over there with Bishop one of these days so he can approve it. I am super excited for the new meeting place though, because the current one is pretty far from a lot of our members and investigators. I think a lot more people will want to come to church when the meeting house is closer to them. 

We got a lot of referrals this week, and one of them was the family that includes two of our new investigators. One of the members in our area introduced us to a member that she knows. She is probably almost 70 years old and listens to just about any missionaries who come to her house. She doesn't really remember much about the church actually, but we are really excited to teach her grandchildren. They both know a lot about the bible, but are really polite and really open to what we have to share. They are really good kids. I am really impressed with them and excited to see what comes of us teaching them. I have high hopes there. 

We are also teaching a 10- year- old  who is from a part member family.  He is set to get baptized on November 29 :) He is doing great and always goes to church with his younger sister who is 5 or 6, and his grandmother. (His father is not a member and his mother is less active and lives in a different house than him). We are really excited for him.

I think that's all for this week, thank you for all your support and all your prayers.

I know that Heavenly Father loves us and sometimes he gives us trials in order to make us stronger.

Love you guys tons!
Elder Benjamin Merrill

Ben staying dry under a banana leaf

 Elder Bolambao in front of the building they have church in

 Elder Bolambao under a banana leaf to stay dry


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