Monday, February 23, 2015

Another Crazy Week February 22, 2015


Just so you don't worry about it, there's no transfer in our companionship. 

This week was pretty good though it also seemed really long... We had a pretty good week and some pretty interesting finding experiences. There was one that was particularly interesting. We were looking for a member whose name we found on the ward directory. We went to the street that he was supposed to live on and no one seemed to know who this guy was.... Kinda weird. Someone told us however of an african-american man who lived nearby. Foreigners are a rarity around these parts, so we were super excited to go to his house and meet him. We were able to go to his house and share a lesson. He is from Greensboro NC. He is a Duke fan too, which is pretty cool. He fought in the Vietnam War, but we are not sure how he ended up in the Philippines. He has a filipna wife though. He was really nice, but not super interested in our message. I think he was more interested in having someone to talk to. What happened the next day was the best part. We had a random super tall 16 year old young man come up to us and introduce himself to us. Turns out he had found out about the two American/Canadian guys who went to his grandfather's house. He invited us to come share with him this past Sunday (yesterday). We had an awesome lesson. I just love how these finding things don't always work out the way you expect, but they do always work out great.

We also have a really exciting development with another family. They are a 7th day Adventist family who we found kind of late at night a few weeks ago. Brother works nights as a guard at the main elementary school in Basud. That is where we met him. He is super great and has the strongest handshake I've ever experienced in my whole mission. He is super interested in reading the Book of Mormon to find out if our message is true. They seem to always keep commitments such as reading and praying, which is really awesome.  This week, we read 2 Nephi Chapter 31 with them and invited them to get baptized. They accepted a baptismal date for April 11th. They weren't able to go to church this week because brother got a special call to work on Sunday, but we are sure they will come next week. 

This week, we had two investigators come to church, a 10 year old girl from a part member family and a referral from the C family. We were kind of sad that the the 7th Day Adventist family didn't make it to church, but unfortunately, we think it might have been for the best because church got started so late this week. We showed up to church like 20 minutes early to set up the barangay hall but church didn't start for an hour after that.

I feel like things are going really well here in Basud. I feel like we are really working hard and with the Lord's help are beginning to see results, even though I probably won't be in Basud to see many of our investigators all the way through baptism.

Love you tons! Keep on keeping on and have a great week :)

Elder Merrill

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