Friday, February 7, 2014


I was just informed that we are going to have to leave for a dinner appointment in like ten minutes or so, so I am really sorry that this email is going to have to be so short. We do use the same book as you guys do for Elders Quorum and Relief Society. I am super excited for you guys and the temple open house. I think it will be a really neat experience for the girls.

 I think I will tell you about the rats in our house. We actually caught like three of them in the last two and a half days. One was almost as big as both of my fists put together. We burn them with our alcohol that we use for cleaning our hands. 

The work is going really well in this area too, and I love my district. The activity up at the falls was amazing. I had the opportunity to baptize someone for the first time too, which was really neat. I really felt like almost out of time, like away from the whole concept of it. I am so thankful for the opportunity to serve the people here. I hope everyone at home is doing well. I miss you guys tons and I love you so much. I apologize again for the short letter.

Love you all tons!!
Elder Benjamin Merrill

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