Monday, July 7, 2014

7/6/2014 They Finally Came!


We had a really good Sunday yesterday. We had four investigators show up this week to church. We were able to talk to one of them between meetings to see how he was liking the service. He really believes that he was feeling the Holy Ghost. It was so wonderful to see how much his testimony was strengthened by doing something as simple as just coming to church. We really need the spiritual nourishment that can only be found in the Church. I am so thankful for the opportunity to be a part of these individuals lives as they are guided to the truth through the power of the Holy Ghost. 

Two who came were actually referrals that were given to us by the Goa 1st Ward elders last transfer. It turns out that they had been to church in the first ward a few times, and after we told them about the 2nd ward, they agreed to come to church in our ward (as they are in our area) and as it turns out, our meeting time actually works out better with their schedule anyway. They seemed to really enjoy coming to church in our ward as well. They are about 10 and 12 years old. They actually live in a really far area from the church, so it is expecially cool that they make the long trip to the church. 

The other person is doing really great too. He has a hard time coming to church as well sometimes because he lives really far from the church too, so this is the first time he's been to church in two weeks. His girlfriend is also a member too, so that is really a good motivation for him, I think. He is actually pretty young though. He turns 17 on the 19th. I think it would be really neat if he gets baptized. We really could use more priesthood holders here in Goa 2. 

Sounds like you guys are getting started on a family mission plan too. I hope that you guys can have a lot of success there. I know that our Heavenly Father will bless us as we help him to hasten his work.

I love you tons!

Padangat ko kamung maray!

Elder Benjamin Merrill

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