Monday, July 14, 2014

The Typhoon is Coming 7/13/2014


We have a typhoon coming tomorrow. It is definitely one of the biggest things on my mind right now, but I will see what I can remember from what happened this week.

I guess I will start with a little finding experience we had this week. It was kind of interesting and probably not coincidental that this happened right after we upped our finding goals. What happened is that we looked all up and down this one street looking for a referral that the sisters had given to us. We looked for her for a really long time and people kept pointing us to the sister missionaries' apartment because they thought that that was who we were looking for. We didn't end up finding the sister we were looking for, but while we were looking, we ran into one of the less active members from our area and started chatting with her. She told me that she figured out who it is that I look like. It turns out that he has passed away now, but we asked her for the name of the family and where they live, and she pointed us in the general direction. When we got to the house that this sister had told us about, we found out that the family doesn't live there any more, but that a new family does. We were able to share with them a little about the church and one of the sisters there told us about how she had been to church once. It was a really neat experience.

We also had a second experience that I consider to be a result of our increased finding goals. On our way from where we were when we bumped into the bishop of the Lagonoy 2nd ward (one of the neighboring wards in our zone) who actually knows Elder Taylor because he had been assigned there at the beginning of his mission, and he actually ended up having a referral for us. It was a less active member, but we found him that day and taught him. It turns out that he hasn't been to church in 5 years and he was a little drunk when we found him, but he is super nice and was willing to let us come visit him every so often. We plan to take Bishop Oliva over there with us sometime so he can be more comfortable with coming to church here (he hasn't been to church since he lived in lagonoy like 5 years ago).

Other than that, it has been a pretty normal week, although our sacrament meeting attendance among investigators was kind of disappointing. We think it might have been because of the rain... People are pretty funny about not going out in the rain here. We did have one investigator come to church, which was pretty neat. I think he is the closest to baptism of all of our investigators, and he comes with a built in fellowshipper because his girlfriend is a member.

I have one more experience that is actually kind of funny. We saw a bunch of signs all around town for an all you can eat buffet, so we decided to go just this last Saturday. It was at a resort that is really new, so we thought it would be pretty good. Talk about whited sepulcher... It was pretty funny though. We got into the place where the buffet was and let's just say the food was less than delicious... most of it was cold... And the best thing, which was the fried chicken, was almost gone for most of the time we were there... They also had some super loud videoke going on... It was a huge waste of money, and by the time we left, it was pouring rain outside, so we walked for like 30-40 minutes home in the rain without umbrellas... crazy!

I love you guys tons and I hope that you have a great week!

Elder Benjamin Merrill

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