Monday, August 25, 2014

Baptisms 8/24/2014


This week was really great. We were able to baptize Rey this Saturday, which was really neat. It is always a wonderful experience to be a part of such an important part of someone else's life. We also set up a really cool display board up by the big college here in Goa, called PSU. We were able to meet a lot of people here, many of whom live in our area. We have taught a few of them already, and they seem pretty interested, which is really cool.

We actually had a funny experience last night when we went and contacted one of the people that we met up by PSU. The people we met were 14 year old twin girls who are Catholic. They were happy to let us in and seemed really interested, but one of their neighbors who was at their house kept telling us that they were born Catholic and so they want to die Catholic and that we all believe in the same God, so it doesn't really matter which religion we are because we are all worshiping the same God... Elder Green asked a really good question about if a person was born into a family who doesn't believe in God at all. They just kind of ignored his question though. The twins actually seemed interested, so we will have to just go back when their neighbor isn't there hanging out. 

We had a newer/ former investigator come to church this week too. She is about 35 years old and her mother is a member who just started coming back to church about  3 or 4 weeks ago. She has a lot of kids who are pretty young, and her husband isn't around anymore, so I think it was a really hard choice to decide to come to church. I think she is really glad that she came. We are really excited to see if she will continue to progress. Member referrals and part members are really the best way to find people to teach. 

Love you tons!

Elder Benjamin Merrill

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