Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Keeps on Going and Going 8/10/2014


Nothing too new or exciting to report on this week for the most part. We are on track to have two investigators get baptized on the 23rd of August. I am super excited! They are on track to doing really well. One man's girlfriend actually moved to manila for until December, which made us kind of nervous because we were afraid he was going to stop going to church, but he still comes, which is really neat. He really is converted to the Gospel. I am super excited to see what good they will do as they progress in the Gospel.

We also have two other investigators who are really cool.  We are still working on getting the parents to listen too, which I think might be pretty tough... They live in our farthest area which means about a 60 minute walk, but it is always worth it. They have been keeping all of their commitments and coming to church and everything. They even know that the Book of Mormon is true. They said they prayed and asked if it was true and they felt a warm feeling/ a good feeling. I am sure they will continue to progress as long as their father continues to give them a ride to church every week. 

I know that the Gospel is true and I love missionary work!

I hope you guys all have a good week!

Love you tons,
Elder Benjamin Merrill

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