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December 22, 2014


It looks like this is the last time I'm going to be able to email you before Christmas, so I'd like to wish everyone a merry Christmas. I hope you guys have an awesome day and that everything goes well. 

This week was a really good week and we finally had investigators at church! Yes! Our Sunday was pretty crazy again this week. In the morning, we decided to go to the house of someone we met last week, and it turns out that they life really far away. We ended up kinda far in the middle of nowhere in a rice field that has their house in the middle of it. It was really pretty, and we were really close to the Basud river, so that was kind of cool. As it turns out, they were busy planting rice, and we were running late because of how far it was, so we shook hands and went to Daet, where.... we had a baptism!!! It's not as exciting as it sounds though. One of the families from Basud is preparing to go to the temple to get sealed, and they just found out that their 13  year old daughter doesn't have a record in the church. She got rebaptized so they could recreate her record. Isn't that crazy? I will send pics next week. :) 

After the baptism, we raced back to barangay Laniton where the Basud sacrament service is held and guess who came? A girl we have been teaching!  She finally came to church. I was kind of worried to be honest, that she might not like it, because our special sacrament service just isn't quite the same as one put on by a full ward in a normal chapel. We don't even have a piano. It turns out that she really liked it though. She texted us after the meeting to say thanks for inviting her and that they felt really welcome at church. Hopefully she will want to go again next week so that her new baptismal date for January 24th can go through. 

We also had our mission christmas conference this week. It was really fun, but my package wasn't here yet... I think I told you though that the christmas party was going to be on the 23rd, so it is kind of my fault... That was the original plan, but it ended up getting moved to the 18th because of our ward's christmas party... It's ok though. We will just celebrate Christmas in January :P I did end up getting the big christmas thing from the ward where everyone signs it though. That was pretty nice. I think it is really cool how they do that. The christmas conference was seriously awesome though. We got to watch Frozen! After that, we had somewhat of a talent show, which was pretty nice. (We sang 'o magsaya', the Tagalog version of 'Joy to the World') We have plenty of good stuff planned for this week, so don't worry about us. We have the ward Christmas party on Tuesday and then we are going to the Daet 2nd Ward Bishop's house on Christmas day, and to the Cabase family (the awesome family who feeds us every thursday night and whose daughter just got rebaptized.) Should be a really good week. 

Other than that, we are just cruising along here in Basud. We have been using something kind of new in our finding and teaching lately. It is the "He is the Gift" video which can be seen here:

Maybe you have seen it already, but it is really good. I highly recommend it. We can't get the Tagalog version to download, so we usually just share the English one with the people we talk to. It is a great way to teach about Jesus Christ and to help others to be more comfortable with us. Almost everyone here already believes in Him, which is really nice. 

I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and Redeemer and that He is the only way that we can return to live with our Heavenly Father again. I am so thankful for His gift to us and for the understanding that we have of His Atonement through modern-day revelation. 

I love you tons! Have an awesome christmas. :)

Elder Merrill

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