Sunday, April 5, 2015

Another Crazy Week in Basud March 29, 2015

The work was ok this week and our adventist investigator couple came to church again. We were really happy to see them there, and the fellowshipping was actually really good. Brother said that he felt really welcome at church.

Our adventist investigators are really awesome though. They told us that they thought the meeting was ok and their youngest daughter got stuffed super full of treats and thought that the church was her new school. That was pretty funny. We are very thankful for all of the wonderful people that the Lord has put in our path.

Finding is going kind of slow. There are just a lot of people that aren't willing to give us time to share the Gospel with them. We are just moving along though. I just think no good can come from getting discouraged.

Elder Romanovitch and I are actually like two peas in a pod now. He was just as into Pokemon as I was before the mission if you can believe it... And loves Supertramp. Pretty cool, right?

Next week we will know who is going to stay in Basud (I'm pretty sure I'm going to be out of here, but I guess it isn't over until the APs sing) I'm definitely going to miss this place.

Have an awesome week!
Love you tons!

Elder B. Morris Merrill

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