Wednesday, March 19, 2014


I really liked Dad's insight about how the Nephites never attacked the Lamanites in their strongholds. I remember noticing that in my last reading of the Book of Mormon, but not really thinking much of it at the time. I also remember really thinking the piano analogy.

In my scripture study this week, the Israelites finally got out of Egypt. I just can't believe how much Pharaoh hardened his heart. His heart must have been really hard. I think it helps me see that as hard as the hearts of some of the people we teach are, Pharaoh's heart was even harder, and Moses was able to, with a lot of help, to listen to what God was telling them.

Things are going pretty well with all of the people that we are teaching though. Tatay  is continuing to be very receptive with all of the messages that we have been sharing with him, and  the less active man, whose daughter we are teaching actually came to church this week. (He hasn't been in a really really long time.) We got another one of our investigators to come to church too. She is the one who seemed like she was always busy before, but now has started finding more time for us. We had one of the nearby members pick her up on her way to church. I think that she believes that the church is true, but does not really have a testimony of why it is important to go to church. Hopefully we will be able to help her with that. I think what we need is to do more finding. It is still pretty scary for me, but it usually yields results. We have a lot of tracting planned for this week, so wish me luck.
I hope everyone has a great week there. I will talk to you next week.

Love you all tons!

Elder Benjamin Merrill

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