Monday, March 31, 2014


Transfer announcements came this week. I'm leaving Calabanga. It really feels like I just got here. I can't believe how fast time is moving sometimes. I will definitely miss it here, especially the beautiful views of Isarog, and the nice ocean breeze. I will definitely miss the members and our investigators too. I feel like I am ready to move on though. I am so nervous and excited to see what happens tomorrow at the transfer meeting. Should be very interesting.

This weekend we got a lot of dinner/ lunch appointments. I am so stuffed right now. It is awesome. I really like the food here. We got a lot of fried chicken.

Unfortunately, due to my companion's sickness, the work kind of slowed down during most of the week. Things are still going really well with Tatay . He is really a nice man. I really hope that his wife will let him get baptized. It would be a real shame if she will not let him.

We have plans to hire a member to take all six of us out to Naga for the transfer meeting tomorrow as well as all six of our suitcases. I am interested to see how well we all fit. Should be pretty great.
The family we are working with is still doing really well. The dad is such a funny man, because he always speaks English to us, and is actually pretty good. He is at the point where he is really losing his accent, but he still says things in an awkward way sometimes, so it is pretty funny. I hope that he will be able to marry his wife. He has attended church for like three weeks in a row now, and we are very happy to see him becoming active again. Hopefully his daughter's baptism will follow soon. It is a wonderful thing to see people coming back to church.

In other news, it has been raining for a few days now, so it has cooled down a lot. I woke up this morning freezing cold. It was a wonderful feeling.

I hope everyone has a good week back home!

I love you tons!

Elder Benjamin Merrill

Ben's district in Calabanga

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