Wednesday, March 5, 2014


Sounds like you guys were really busy with the the Dedication and the Titan Triad. I'm glad to hear that both were a real success. I can't believe that it rained for the dedication though. That seems really strange. We usually get rain about once a week here right now, so we are pretty used to getting kind of wet on occasion. 

Things are going really well here in the way of missionary work. One of our investigators, who we almost dropped because it seemed like she was always too busy for us, finally let us come over. When we finished our lesson with her, she told us about how she knows that the church is true, and that she wants to be baptized. We, of course, didn't turn her down. We set a goal date of April 12th for her.  We are really excited for her. 

Things with Tatay  have been pretty much the same though. His wife actually took a little vacation last week to visit her sister, so we have only seen her once or twice this week. I actually have kind of a neat thing to share about Tatay this week though. We saw him on his padyak as we were walking to church this week, and he actually had one of our 70+ year old less active members on his padyak. Tatay didn't even end up being able to come to church because he had to go visit Nanay's family or something like that. Isn't that great? Even though he couldn't come to church, he gave a ride to another less active member. On top of that, they are both over 70 years old. I will try and include the picture we took of them in this email.

I hope you guys have an amazing week!
Love you tons!

Elder Benjamin Merrill

Tatay on his padyak

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