Monday, June 2, 2014

June 2, 2014


Things keep on movin' along here in Goa. We had one day where we got to work with Aldrin this week, which was way fun. He is a super funny guy to talk to. We ended up getting caught in the rain and I didn't have an umbrella... Elder McBride accidentally threw mine away the other day. Needless to say, we got very wet and found a nice man who let us come sit under his roof. We plan to go back and teach him this week. I also have a new umbrella now. Good stuff. 

Our one progressing investigator continues to progress very well. The sad thing is that we only got to teach her once this week. She comes to church every week, but it is really hard to be able to teach her because we need a member present. Hopefully we can get that figured out. Everything seems like it is about to slow down a little bit too because school starts this week and next... Hopefully we can squeeze the last little bit of work out of the members before that gets them too busy. It is really nice to work with the members even though their bikol always makes me nosebleed (what they call it when you don't understand someone else's language). The members here seem like they are really nice. 

We've also been doing a lot of finding lately...  We had some people offer to teach us how to play mahjong, so we might take them up on it and see if they will let us teach them about the Gospel too. Most people are just really set in their Catholic ways here. It is hard to break tradition for sure. I hope that some of them will at least allow us to talk to them and share a few short messages sometime soon. 

I hope that we can find those people that the Lord is preparing for us. Don't worry about me though. We are really doing well here. 

I don't really have much else to talk about this week, but I hope you guys all have a good week. I miss you tons.

Love you!

Elder Benjamin Merrill

 Ben's district in Goa
 Aldrin, a member in Goa

Baby Jeff Jeff

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