Monday, June 2, 2014

May 26, 2014


The work is still pretty tough here for the most part. A lot of the less active members and even some of our investigators here are women and only rarely have a man in the house, which makes it really hard to get to teach them because we need to have a man who comes to the lesson with us. We usually do ok, but when there is no member, it makes it really hard.

We have one investigator who is really progressing a lot. She is on schedule to be baptized on the 7th of June. She had actually been taught about a year ago, but her parents didn't want her to get baptized or something like that. She is 18 now though, so she will be able to get baptized now. We are teaching her all of the lessons just to make sure she knows everything she needs to. She is usually really quiet, so we are working on making her more comfortable with us and open to share her ideas. She is really neat though, and Is really progressing.

Finding has been especially tough in this area. (Maybe because I kind of have to lead all the time). I think the people here just aren't quite as receptive as they were in Naga. We actually found one guy who seemed really interested this week after we had just gotten punted. I saw a guy laying in a hammock and felt like we should talk to him, but I let us walk by him. The feeling wouldn't go away, so we decided to turn back and talk to him. He let us share a message with him, and it went really well, up until he told us he would be spending a few months to a year with his brother in Manila. That was pretty disappointing, but as it turns out, his brother is actually a member. It was neat to be able to follow the promptings of the Holy Ghost, and you never know how things will turn out for that man. I think he is in good hands like the guy from dad's story whose hairdresser is a member.

That is really about it for me for this week. Look how much my Bikol is improving:

Aram ko na padangat taka kan satuyang Dios asin ki JesuCristo. Aram ko rin na saiyang work talaga yung work na ini na sakuyang ginigibo.

Padangat ko kamung marahay!

Elder Benjamin Merrill 

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