Monday, June 30, 2014

June 8, 2014

June 8, 2014

This week was actually a really good week for our work. Remember the older man who let us sit under his roof? He and his wife have started to take the lessons, and they are super nice. They say that they really haven't ever had any religion, but they have always believed in God. Way neat. Nanay has had a stroke so one side of her body is hard for her to move, and her voice is really quiet. Tatay is doing some sort of volunteering job for some sort of search and rescue group or something, but used to be a security guard in Manila. He seems like he has had a lot of hard times in the past, but he is still really nice. I think they will really progress.

The other two new people were both sort of referrals. The first was from a somewhat less active/ somewhat returning member, and the other from a super active member. The first one is actually the boyfriend of the member. He is super nice and is really interested. He is only about seventeen years old. He seems like he has really been prepared to hear the lessons. The other one is probably only about 20 years old too. She is interested in hearing what we have to share, but we aren't sure how interested she will be in keeping commitments. Hopefully she will feel the Spirit and want to make changes in her life when the time comes.

I have one more good story this week about our investigators that came to sacrament meeting. We actually went to pick up those kids that we are teaching and take them to church. One of them came, but there were a couple of younger, like 6 year old kids that came too, and I ended up having to watch this one boy during sacrament meeting... It was way rough. Just super tiring... I am afraid for when I have my own kids. It was quite the experience.

That seems like the biggest news for this week. The work keeps moving on here.

I hope you guys have a good week!

Love you tons!

Elder Benjamin Merrill

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